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In the heart of Adelaide,
a new lifestyle awaits you

Surrounded by top Adelaide landmarks. VTA is at a precious and scarce prime location at 32-38 Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000. It is located within 15 minutes of walking distance to the CBD, central government district, shopping and pedestrian streets, and world-renowned universities, all just a few feet away within your reach. A unique location that brings together the city lifestyle and every goodness the city has to offer for you.

Gyms & More

Complemented with a fully equipped gym, multi-function hall, library, outdoor barbecue equipment.


Types of Spaces

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Office Spaces

Victoria Tower Adelaide features high-quality apartments and 9-storey high-end commercial offices.

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Residential Spaces

The top-notch apartments include models of Studio, 1-bedroom, Dual Key, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom apartments and 3 luxury penthouses.

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Victoria Tower Adelaide

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Victoria Tower Adelaide

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